Spirit Message of the Day – Feed the Spirit, Nourish Your Soul

“There are lots of kinds of magic in this world. Sometimes the best magic for the spirit is a little magical attention to the body. Isn’t it interesting how a good meal, an exquisite bit of chocolate, a perfect wine, a song, or a soft bed can lift the spirit? We don’t usually think of physical pampering as feeding the soul, but it does.”

“Our bodies are more than containers for souls. They are part of the universe, and just as we honor the sun, the moon, nature, each other, and our own spirits, we shouldn’t neglect our bodies. When we feel pampered and cared for, we want others to feel good too, so we turn our attention very naturally to their needs. It’s a really nice cycle. We make ourselves feel good, then we help others feel good. Then they’ll probably spread the good. Oh, and if you are still unsure of the idea of pampering your body for its own sake, don’t worry. There are ways that are magical and designed to nourish the spirit as well as soften the skin.”  

“The Mystical Mermaid isn’t worried about anything at the moment. She has created her own circle of light. Within that circle, she is delighting in whatever scents she’s added to her space, enjoying the flow of water over her body, and treating her sea-worn skin with some soothing oil.”

“Quite simply: treat yourself. Pamper yourself in whatever way you can. Have you been considering a full day at the spa? The answer here is, “Do it.” And if a full day is out of your budget, or maybe not your style, be creative. You know what you like. A new book, a nice walk, an extra hour of sleep, the perfect cup of tea, a stolen afternoon at the park – well you get the idea. When you are done, find a way to send a little pampering someone else’s way: a packet of tea you know they’ll like, a fancy truffle, a magazine, some scented body lotion.”

“Do you keep a journal, a dream diary, or a Book of Shadows? How about keeping a book of what kinds of oils you like, their properties, and how they affect you? Essential oils have magical properties, and they have therapeutic properties; they are not always the same. Also, there may be some with the magical quality you are looking for, but you don’t like the smell. You will want to keep track of how you react to the scents. Everyone is different. So while mint and rosemary are usually energizing, you may not find them so. Lavender is generally relaxing, but it may not have that effect on you.”

“As you learn which oils work best for you magically, therapeutically, and personally, you can use them in your own spells and enchantments. And you can use them to pamper yourself with magical intent as well as physical benefits. Experiment with blends. Try balancing something earthy with something light, like sandalwood or patchouli with rose, bergamot, or ylang-ylang. Peppermint is very versatile and works well with lavender, rosemary, lemon, or eucalyptus. Add a few drops of your favorite body scent with two tablespoons of sweet almond oil to your bath – and enjoy. “

Today’s guidance is from Barbara Moore’s book entitled Enchanted Oracle with art by Jessica Galbreth.


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