Spirit Message of the Day – Under a Lavender Moon

“It’s hard to journey through life without learning quite a bit. Facts and such are one thing. But spiritual truths, life philosophies, general ethics—well, they are another.”

“By nature, seekers search for answers and truth. We seek a closer relationship with the divine. We are always looking for something. There does come a point, though, when we have so much information—we have read so many books and heard so many opinions—that we have to turn away from more knowledge and sift through what we’ve gathered. Away from the opinions and judgments of others, in a place where we feel safe and at ease, we need to examine each idea, belief, and practice and measure it against our own soul. Those that resonate and feel right we keep and synthesize into our belief system. Those that do not we respectfully put away from us. Not everything is for everybody. We all have our own unique path. It is up to us to find it.”

“Surrounded by shades of purple, she is doing her own seeking and is prepared for spiritual work. She incorporates the power of the full moon because she desires illumination. She wants her path to be revealed. The moths around her symbolize transformation and a desire for light. She herself is going through a transformation, and her final step is deciding her path, determining what is right for her. She calmly and reverently asks for guidance as she begins her inward journey.”

“It is time for you to be very clear with yourself about what you believe. This may pertain to a spiritual path decision. Or it may pertain to a smaller issue. Whichever it is, you have all the information you need. It is time to stop researching, reading, and asking others. Take all the information you have gathered, and withdraw. Be alone with these ideas, and measure them against nothing but your own heart. Only then will you know what is right for you.”

Today’s guidance is from the book and card set entitled Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore with art by Jessica Galbreth.


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