Spirit Message of the Day – Walk With Your Soul

“This represents: Expanding our awareness, releasing limiting beliefs. Seeing into other dimensions. Developing different ways of seeing. The further away we get from the earth, that is, our own little world, and into pure consciousness, the more dramatically our perspective on life is totally transformed. Being open to visions and dreams. Putting things into divine perspective.”

“This card represents all the possibilities in the universe – our dreams, goals, ambitions, higher purpose. It represents also the ability to go beyond ourselves and the confining tunnel vision of our own little world into the bigger picture, the larger meaning of the issue at hand. There is no limit to vision. We are equipped with an inner vision that knows no boundaries. The kind of vision we call otherworldly –vision that glimpses something generally invisible to the naked, material eye — is just one example of the vision of which we are capable when we open our third eye, our powers of spiritual or metaphysical perception.”

“At its most basic, vision is what we see and how we see it. With this card you are being asked to examine your eyes, both outer and inner, in relation to the object of your inquiry. Are you seeing things with twenty-twenty clarity? Or is your vision blurred, obscured by emotion, misperception, or confusion that needs to be cleared away before you can view things in the proper perspective? Is there ‘something in your eye’, a blockage or obstruction that is causing you pain and inhibiting your ability to see things clearly?”

“You may also be called upon to view the situation in its larger context, in terms of its ultimate purpose in your life. What are you learning, what lessons might you be receiving from this situation that extend beyond the moment and affect your larger destiny?”

“The person of true vision is not only a visionary; they also employ intuition and insight, the ability to see underneath the surface, beyond appearances and into the true source of intention, actions, and events. Do you judge people hastily? Do you react defensively instead of responding objectively and compassionately? Do you skim the surface of life, afraid to go more deeply into yourself and your relationships? If so, drawing the Vision card suggests that it may be time for you to begin seeing things from the vantage point of understanding in order to discover their deeper meaning.”

“The Vision card may also refer to vision that can be had only with the heart and soul. Have you been over-analyzing the situation, trying to make it conform to a preconception of how things should be rather than allowing things to evolve naturally?”

“Spend some time walking and talking with your soul and listen to its message. Remember, there is always more than one way to see an issue; look for the vision and divine purpose which has been given to you. Take some time to rediscover your gifts and allow yourself to share them with the world in both small and big ways. Don’t limit yourself or visions and practice seeing issues from several different perspectives with optimism.” 

“Train your eyes to see clearly in all directions objectively without emotion. With careful attention – there is always more to see – there is always further and deeper to travel; a new perspective is always available.  Do not let fear hold you back. Be unafraid to open your mind, expand your horizons, and see beyond the narrow limits of your own opinions and preconceptions. Enlargen your view – of people, loved ones, friends, and family. Practice siting with reality and what’s real for you. Practice seeing things, situations, and people as they truly are – and not as you want them to be or wished they would be.  Embrace the now. Be in the Moment. Walk with your soul.”

All excerpts from the book Angel Journey by Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain.


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