Spirit Message of the Day – Choose to Walk Through The Dark

“Before the world was fully mapped and charted, map makers would draw maps of as much of the world as they knew. Beyond the known lands there was shadowy speculation and the warning: beyond here, there be dragons.”

“We often imagine metaphorical dragons populating the dark, uncharted parts of our lives. Sometimes there are, and sometimes there aren’t. Much of the time, we stay where we’re comfortable, in familiar surroundings doing familiar things while thinking and feeling familiar thoughts and emotions. At other times, we seek the thrill of the unknown and venture forth bravely. Or we may be thrust, quite unwillingly, into the darkness. However often we move out of our comfort zone, the experiences are always different. We may find ourselves pleasantly surprised, disappointed, enlightened, horrified, or any other feeling, or even a combination.”

“No matter the experience, we return from those forays and our life is never the same again. Whatever we bring back –shapes and colors our future experiences. Some shamans and Native Americans practice a very conscious and deliberate visit to unknown worlds to seek spiritual enlightenment. These vision quests, or shamanic journeys, can be dangerous. While we may not wish to go on a traditional vision quest, we can adapt the idea for our own spiritual journey.”

“The Night Queen is about to embark on a journey. She looks back at us to see if we are ready to go with her. While she does not know where she is going, she knows why she is going. She seeks wisdom and is willing to venture into the unknown to find it. She wraps herself in a black cloak, the color of the night, but underneath she is unclothed, a symbol of her vulnerability during this trip. Her companion is a raven who will whisper secrets and messages to help her along. In her hand she carries a key, representing the purpose of her quest: to unlock the doors to mysteries. Guiding her path is the full moon.”

“You would benefit from some very conscious spiritual seeking. You are being invited to visit the dark corners of your soul and the uncharted realms of the spirit world. Realize that this is not a pleasurable ramble through the woods, with sunlight spilling through the leaves. Instead, you will be asked to bare your soul and face fears. Questions that make you uncomfortable will demand answers. Parts of yourself that you have hidden will be revealed — and you will have to deal with them. Fun? Probably not, but it is guaranteed to be powerful and transformative.”

Today’s excerpt is from Barbara Moore’s book entitled Destiny’s Portal with art by Jessica Galbreth.

It is an old truth – there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Remember there is no thing to fear; for you are never alone on your journey. You have spirit helpers, aides, guardians, angels, master souls, and guides who love and support you. When ready, take a deep breath, visualize yourself surround by a golden circle of light, and feel the strong support of your spirit helpers. Relax, sit quietly, focus your mind, and light a white candle to represent the purity of your intention.

To seek today’s truth and learn answers you’re currently seeking, say these words aloud. When done, thank the Universe and Spirit for the answers you’re about to see, feel, and experience in the coming days.

I call to thee, my guiding light
Walk close to me all through the night
I call to see, my guiding light
So I can face what comes to me
I call to feel, my guiding light
So I can remember what I know
I call to hear, my guiding light
So I will understand what actions to take
I call to mind, my guiding light
So that I can visualize my desire and focus my will 
I call to spirit, my guiding light
So that I may soar to meet my destiny
My guiding light, I call to thee
To take flight on this very night

–Guidance in care of The SpiritBlogger


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