Spirit Message of the Day – Go Play!

“Whatever our age, there are times when we feel carefree and young. And then, probably all too often, there are times when we don’t. Being carefree and young feels good. Feeling this way fills us with an enthusiasm for life. Responsibilities, obligations, real-life, all these can dull or even squash that feeling. No wonder, since being weighted down with the cares of daily life is the opposite of being carefree. While it is neither wise nor practical to throw away all our cares and responsibilities, it is also unwise (and no fun at all) to let cares and worries erase enthusiasm and simple joy from our lives.”

“With the Gypsy Rose card, we see a lovely fairy looking back at us a bit sadly. She is about to cross a threshold to a brighter, more colorful realm. She would like us to follow, but she’s getting the feeling that we won’t. Clothed in white, she expresses a pure desire for all the good things the universe has to offer.  Orange roses represent enthusiasm and desire. The orange jewel of her headpiece is attached with many cords, showing that she intentionally weaves enthusiasm and joy through her life. Her colorful wings take her on glorious flights of fancy. The world she is about to enter glows with light even though a crescent moon is high in the sky. Is she looking at the world through rose-colored glasses? Perhaps. Or, perhaps, the rose-colored glasses aren’t meant to change the way the world looks, but to shade out cares and worries so we can see the world  at its vibrant best.”

“Maybe you’ve been working too hard or worrying too much. Now is the time to take a break. Do something that makes your heart leap with excitement. It doesn’t have to be a big leap. Rediscover a lost pleasure, revisit a favorite place, or make plans with a friend. Put away your troubles just for a little while (you can attend to them when you get back), and enjoy life. You may even find that your outlook changes, and things really aren’t as bleak or hard as you thought. In the meantime, indulge and enjoy! There is no time for enchantments, oils, candles, or journaling – just go play!”

Today’s message is from Enchanted Oracle. Art by Jessica Galbreth and text by Barbara Moore.


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