Spirit Message of the Day – St. Patrick’s Day 2010

“I can fly ever so high
Beyond the treetops into the sky
Alight upon the pretty bluebells
That tinkle sweely in fairy dells
I can see to the edge of the world
To where time is yet unfurled
I can flutter my wings or stand very still
Present to the moment by an act of will
Don’t lose yourself in flights of fancy
That’s the message from little Nancy”

“Balance is the happy state of being in a good relationship with the world around us. It comes from inner stability. This does not arise from any effort to hold or fix things, but rather from dynamic interaction and integration of many opposite forces that make up life.”

“Life is both a lively dance and interactive play with others and a silent retreat in which we encounter ourselves and learn to be alone. The Bluebell Fairy encourages us to swing happily between these interdependent poles. We will then free ourselves from fixation on one extreme or another. The middle way eventually becomes our stability. It is also a divine drama in which we discover our opposing characters, our fearless wild warrior and our tender-hearted lover! Through this we also come to see our love of truth and right action with its conflicting shadow of doubt and inertia!With our awareness and an open receptive mind we can intuit our way through these escalations to the core within. Here we stand still in the merry-go-round of life, keeping our balance.”

“Climb to a higher vantage point with a wide view of the horizon. Look at life from a broad perspective. Don’t fuss over the details. A deep understanding of life and significance of your life conditions will be revealed to you. You can return to the ground with a more balanced attitude.”

Today’s guidance is from Jaya Moran’s Irish Fairy Cards and Book.


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