Spirit Message of the Day – Dreams Fulfilled

“In the Spanish fairy tale, The Girl Fish, the swirling bubbles dominate the scene with their energetic presence. The flowing hair is a reflection of independence and freedom. The tails and organic coverings are reminders of the ever-moving waters of the unconscious mind. The crown is the supreme acquisition. It symbolizes power, sovereignty, and the ability to remain connected with the different aspects of the psyche. The fish signify potential emotional wealth and prosperity. Their attentions are directed on the found treasure of the upper world, a connection with higher spiritual awareness that will ensure overall balance, security, and inner and outer happiness.”

“We have reached our goals and can now revel in the contentment of family, friends, and the profound effects of love. Happiness now dominates our being and has brought about a sense of wholeness. This is a time to share those good feelings with others and embrace all the positive energy that is encompassing you.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s The Fairy Tale Tarot.


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