Spirit Message of the Day – Dance with The Season

“In the Canadian folk tale, The Summer Queen, the warmth is represented by vibrant, warm colors. She holds an orb of energy. Flowers cascade from her hair, representing fertility and abundance. The geese fly where the sun is; they are connected with the earth surrounding them. Butterflies symbolize renewal. Summer Queen’s presence juxtaposes the cold rigidity of the earth; her influence breaks through the ice.”

“It is time for domesticity, responsibility, and sensibility. Domestic concerns may be at hand. You may want to seek the advice of someone who can assist you beyond a period of stasis. This in turn will assure more stability in the future.”

This card brings a reminder to allow yourself to flow with the natural cycle of planting, harvesting, and resting each and every year. Let inspiration find you. Allow others to help you. Celebrate and find value in each season of life. Embrace and dance with the new season. With this balance you can have everything. Feel the blessings that surround you.

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot.


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