Spirit Message of the Day – Expect Miracles

The perfect pink Corncockle flower spirit brings us the gift of spontaneity. This message encourages you strongly now, in the moment, to change. It’s affirmation is ‘I open up to spontaneity and accept change’.

“It is easy to become safe and comfortable in a daily routine that lacks spontaneity. It is time for you to break free from the mould that you have created for yourself and find a free form of expression. Begin to notice the ways you are rooted in habits by trying to break your routine for just one day. Be prepared for wonderful changes to take place in your life and open yourself to exciting new opportunities that spontaneously present themselves.”

“This card indicates that changes will come about within and around you. You will start to witness incredible coincidences and chance meetings that will lead to new opportunities. Just expect the best and it will unfold for you. This will give you a peace and harmony that you have only dreamed of before. Whatever your safe routines were, begin to drop them. Live life more fluidly, in the moment, and connect to a deep source of spontaneity and joy within. See how positive changes manifest throughout your life.”

“Your attitude to life at the moment is very important –as miracles unfold before you, grab them spontaneously rather than holding back in resistance and fear. All is for the very best, for move forward happily and feel yourself as a part of the whole process of change.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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