Spirit Message of the Day – Deliberate Innocence

This card’s message relates to where you are now and to living in the present. The Opium Poppy brings a message of vulnerability. Repeat these words, ‘I find a deep connection with spirit by accessing my vulnerability’.

“The fragile perfection of the Opium Poppy unveils a touching message of vulnerability. This gentle, caring spirit wants us to feel safe enough to reveal our whole self and the true and deep inner secrets we protect. If we can do this, the Opium Poppy spirit tells of a dormant strength that we can discover. By giving our secrets the light of day and having them witnessed, they no longer challenge us and draw energy from us to hold them down.”

“Many of us feel that holding secrets protects us from others knowing too much, that it will hurt them to know our inner workings and that we will be judged. Once we let go of these fears and allow ourselves a vulnerability from a place of truth, rather than from a need to be rescued, then we will find a new resource and strength. We will feel light, free of pressure and be in the present moment, as we are not holding anything back.”

“Each time we release negative thoughts from the past we can focus more easily on the now. If you have drawn this card, the spirit of the Opium Poppy is urging you to access your place of vulnerability and shed any skin of protection that separates you from the world around you. See the wispy gossamer petals of the Opium Poppy flower and let its vulnerability touch you. Allow it to inspire you to open innocently and blossom into a perfect reflection of who you are to show your inner truth and let others in. It is only through accessing vulnerability that a real strength of character and invulnerability can develop.”

Today’s message is from The Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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