Spirit Message of the Day – Allow Opportunities

“In the German fairy tale, The Frog Prince, the golden ball reflects innocence and playfulness. The frog representative of the shadow and inner desires, wears a crown, symbolizing his royal birth. He surfaces from a pool of purity with its suggestively phallic form. The frog’s subsequent rejection implies the princess’s unwillingness to recognize sexual maturation, product of the shadow beginning to enter ego consciousness. The flower cup in the center of the pool symbolizes the power of intuition. The spirally roots reflect unconscious thought processes. The pebbles serve to stabilize the different elements and provide a path back to the castle.”

“The frog’s appearance in the princess’s life is about to transform how she perceives the world. She is entering a new plateau of greater understanding and is slowly recognizing the importance of assimilating the shadow into the psyche. Initial rejection gives away to recognition as the frog metamorphoses into a prince. It is important to be cognizant of the messages that may be presenting themselves to you in unexpected ways. Be open to the potential for new experiences and allow your emotions and inner desires to carry you to elevated heights of awareness.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot.


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