Spirit Message of the Day – Connect With Your Heart

“In the European story The Little Mermaid, the flowing waves demonstrate the confluence of emotions that have the power to direct our actions. The dawning sun represents illumination and hope for resuscitation. The golden hair moves with the waves and represents the pure heart. The mermaid is the divine connector between consciousness and the dreamworks held in the depths of unconsciousness. The fish exemplify renewal and the preservation of life. The cup is a testament to the enduring love, rather than sinking, it remains one with the flowing waves, connecting unconscious desires with conscious compassion.”

“Love may propel you to act in selfless ways, this in turn can facilitate deeper emotional and spiritual growth. Go with the flow and follow your gut as you proceed through a romantic situation or a new venture. Be open to the messages of others as you connect with your heart and engage in acts of generosity that may enhance your life in unexpected ways.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt author of Fairy Tale Tarot.


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