Spirit Message of the Day – Give and Take

“In the German fairy tale called Brothers and Sisters, the animal and human relationship has a significant role. The animal represents a deeper part of the consciousness where instinct and drive reign. The human is the rational component, directed more by intellectual consideration than innate survival. The basket of apples symbolizes love. The flower garland on the girl’s head is emblematic of love and transformation. Her dress is covered with flower patterns, representing the creative life and the willingness to grow.”

“The faces in the trees are the souls of the forest. The three mushroom on the tree have magical connotations, the spider web is an auspicious sign. The multicolored flowers symbolize the gamut of emotion, and the ferns evoke feelings of solitude. The puddle is the unconscious, the brook in the background is emotional energy, and the twin tree symbolizes compromise.”

“Love can be an emotional force that activates strong will, great purpose, creativity, and all manner of positive expression. But if a relationship grows burdensome and breeds discord, it’s time to review the situation and make adjustments. The love of one should feed the love of another. if there is balance in the relationship, then other areas of your emotional life will benefit as well.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot book and deck.


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