Spirit Message of the Day – Precisely When You Find, You Are Ready.

“In the German fairy tale Puss in Boots – The cat is our guide. It is cunning and wise and can provide us with valuable lessons. The path is illuminated with dappled lighting. It is juxtaposed with shadows, which imply that challenges lie ahead. The forest is littered with thorn bushes and broken limbs, symbols of obstacles and potential suffering. It is a place where referring to our inner animal guides and mentors will be necessary.”

“The cat wears a belt, signifying strength and mastership. The three feathers are emblems of individuality. The bag over the cat’s shoulder could contain clues to his ability to assume humanlike qualities. The large bag contains gifts for the king, symbols of potentiality. Ivy vines are crawling up a tree, representing monetary growth. The mushrooms on the tree trunk contain magical powers and remind us of the supernatural forces at work. The rocks are symbols of stability. The cat’s strategic foot placement on a rock further solidifies his position as a trustworthy mentor.”

“The mentor can provide us with fundamental knowledge as we proceed to explore new terrain. It is important to embrace our animal instincts and to follow the model of our animal teachers. By referring to our inner animal, we can draw from a resource of innate wisdom that may prove useful in certain situation.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s book and tarot system called The Fairy Tale Tarot.


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