Spirit Message of the Day – Today, the Present

“Be bold and go forth like it was meant to be. Your dreams are the gifts that will set you free.”

“Nothing throws the gears of the universe into motion quicker than your actions. So when it comes to living the life of your dreams, begin simply by doing what you can. When you do what you can, the universe responds in kind, doing what it can with an infinitely greater and farther reach than your own.”

“Suddenly, supernatural chain reactions are triggered that would never have otherwise been triggered. New avenues become available, and new vistas and vantages become apparent. Work is done behind the scenes, new characters are introduced, and the script is completely rewritten.”

“Expectations are exceeded, sights are raised, and forces unseen propel you onwards, all because you simply did what you could. Don’t wait for your ducks to be lined up. Do what you can this week!”

Today’s message is from author Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!


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