Spirit Message of the Day – Reawaken to Change

“The harmony of sixes engages the senses in a more thoughtful, relaxed state of mind before new challenges and changes can be addressed. Take time to reflect on  the journey at hand without worrying what will be. Think about what it is before you decide how to implement necessary adjustments that may facilitate further growth.”

“It is important to look within and determine what aspects of our psyche need to be further assimilated into our conscious being before we can experience a sense of wholeness. Snow White goes through stages of development; the first seven years being childhood followed by seven years of adolescence. But before she can fully transform into an adult, she must go through a symbolic death and shed the innocence and unawareness that had allowed her desires to remain repressed within the recesses of her psyche.”

“The stairs ascend through a labyrinth of wise faces. Those are the souls of your past lives and experiences. They are benevolent observers as the dwarves navigate the treacherous path to carry Snow White to a higher plane. The bite of the apple marks the death of childhood innocence and the beginning of change. Snow White rests in a transparent glass coffin, symbolizing her vulnerability during metamorphosis – like a cocoon, Snow White is the resting psyche, waiting for an opportunity to reawaken and blossom into adulthood. The dwarves, symbols of puerile comforts and familiarity, are helpless in reviving her. The seven dwarves can also symbolize spirit messengers from the collective unconscious, absent from consciousness/day and present to Snow White in the unconscious/night. But it will take the kiss of a prince, the animus, to deliver her to maturation and higher consciousness. The tangled roots signify unrest and confusion – this may be indicative during times of transition. The swords lying on the path help to balance the energies between the chaos of the roots and the stability and equilibrium of the rocks that rest adjacent to the path.”

Today’s guidance is from Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot.


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