Spirit Message of the Day – Choose Now

“Choose them wisely.”

“Not just sometimes but all of the time. And not just your good thoughts but the other ones too! It’s an immutable law, as rigid and predictable as gravity. In fact, you can’t even turn it off! But, of course, this isn’t bad news; it’s awesome news, because they’re your thoughts and every minute of every day you get to choose exactly what you’ll think!”

“What a great way to run a reality. Could it be any easier than getting what you think about? And never will it be a game about moving around the props but rather moving around the images in our minds. Our physical bodies, our dramas, and the props on the stage are just mirrored perfections of our beliefs and experiences about each.”

“Change the thoughts and the Universe changes the props, be they people, places, or things. You don’t have to work more hours, get more schooling, shake more hands, climb more ladders, or make more sacrifices. You just have to weave the dream.” Choose now – it’s a really good time!

Today’s message is from Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things! by Mike Dooley.


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  1. Hi! can I use your photo of the purple flower for educational purposes? It is for a photo essay in english class. Thanks

    • Hi Amy! Sure go ahead! Blessings!

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