Spirit Message of the Day – How Lightning Lives

It’s me, the universe talking. “Action begets action; Yours begets mine!” What are you waiting for?

“You know that feeling when all of a sudden it seems like everything you ever wanted to happen starts happening at once? When you’re totally blown away, on top of the world, almost feeling like you don’t even have any more dreams because they’re all coming true?”

“Yet you’re slammed because you’re stretching yourself like you’ve never stretched before, just trying to keep up with your dreams, and everyday some new magical realization hits you. And you’ve never felt so happy in your life, except that you wish so badly that everyone close to you could have the same overwhelming experiences, the same sensory overload; and more, you wish everyone on the planet could feel it to, at least just a little, because it’s so intoxicating.”

“Now you feel like you understand all the tough times, all the slow days, and all of the phases when it seemed like absolutely nothing was happening in  your life, and you wonder why you haven’t always felt like this, because what you feel is so much more than just the joy of dreams of coming true; it’s like your feeling the heartbeat of everyone’s life at once. You begin to realize that there’s always been so much more to be happy about than sad, and you wonder what it was that used to trouble you and how it could have seemed so real or how it could have seemed bigger than the beauty you now face.”

“You just shake your head, knowing how perfect everything is, how perfect it’s always been, and how perfect it will always be, and you give thanks, with your hands over face, tasting the salt of your tears, because you know that this, this feeling, more than anything else you’ve ever experienced, was so meant to Be.”

Today’s guidance is from Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things! By Mike Dooley.


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