Spirit Message of the Day – Divine Jubilation & Remembrance

“Imagine it. Move towards it. Has to happen. It always works.”

“And then, all of a sudden…you’re on top of the world, an overnight sensation, the cause of intergalactic jubilation. What seemed like unending preparation has now culminated in your delivery. You can do no wrong; your vision is clear; your mission divinely inspired. Smiles, laughter, and accolades surround you. Friends, family, and loved ones salute you. The time is right, the place chosen, and the ultimate test is about to begin. You’re ready.”

“As if struck by lightning, the scene instantly changes. The next thing you know you’re a wee little babe and all the festivities become a distant blur. The images and vibrations of ‘the party to end all parties’ rapidly fade away, while the songs and laughter still ringing in your ears are replaced with harsh voices and loud speakers. Strangers surround you, and what you had felt as an indescribable lightness of being has been replaced with gravity.”

“Nothing, absolutely No Thing, could be worth this. There has to be a mistake. Something must have gone wrong. In total shock and broken-hearted, alone and frightened, you hear a calm voice rising above the ruckus. Warm hands are now drawing you through the air, holding you safely. As the motion gently stops, you hear words that cause every cell of your body to ring with vitality, recalling the preparations that made this all possible; confirming the clarity of your earlier convictions; reminding you of countless agreements, treaties, and rendezvous plans; and instilling within your heart a vision of the perfection, love, and purpose you were born of.”

“‘My dearest, welcome to the world. We’ve been waiting for this day such a long, lo-o-ong time’. Then without logic or rationale you think your reply, in words as alien to you as the artificial light in your room, ‘Me too’. And while this experience passes swiftly and you quickly forget all the calm voice evoked, it imparted a confidence that will never again leave you and a remembrance that all is well, that everything is going to be forever OK, and that you are here because it’s where you most wanted to be, in a world that most wanted to have you.”

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things! book.


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