Spirit Message of the Day – Embrace The Practical Mind

“The image of the wise old man epitomizes wisdom. He is the focus and provides clear vision through a fog of potential obscurity. The beard, symbolic of maturity, contains sparkles and spirals of vitality and new ideas. The ivy of immortality grows on the throne, the seat of authority. It is decorated with spirals and trefoils, representing integration, continuity, and balance.”

“The surrounding ferns create calm and solitude conducive for contemplative thought. The roots connect the unconsciousness with conscious thought processes. The old man wears a crown with stars, a connection to spiritual enlightenment and the cosmos. His illuminated tassels keep him bound to the earthly plane, where he exercises his leadership role. Many faces can be seen in the world tree, connecting the material world with the amorphous souls present in nature.”

“The wise old man represents fatherlike leadership, with a lifetime of experience serving as his compass. He reminds us that we need to proceed with a rational mind and retain a connection with conscious deliberations. The Emperor coexists with the feminine and intuitive principle represented by the Empress.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s The Fairy Tale Tarot.


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