Spirit Message of the Day – Merge With Infinity

“Walk in the green forest of silence, swim in the blue ocean of joy, dance in the golden light of love, and laugh in the raging river of life.”

EVERYTHING MATTERS – Everything. Every single word you speak, every single deed you perform, and every single thought you think is recorded and reverberates throughout eternity.”

“Yet nothing is so important that it can take away from the infinite possibilities that will always lie before you – possibilities that carry the potential for love, joy, and laughter such as you’ve never known. No matter where you’ve been, no matter where you are, the best is yet to come. Everything matters! Not because time is fleeting but because your dreams are waiting.”

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!

We are responsible for realizing our dreams. In every moment there are a million choices to choose from. Behind every experience is an action (or lack of). Behind every action is a choice. And behind every choice is a thought. It has been said: Be careful what you think, because your thoughts become your words. Be careful what you say, because your words become your actions. Be careful what you do, because your actions will become your character in life. Be careful who you become, because your character will become your destiny.


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  1. It is a beutiful roses I’M looking for Black Prince Roses, but some one told me this is similar again that Rose is beatiful
    Best Regards
    Gladys Mont’Ros Karnib

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