Spirit Message of the Day – Let Your Intuition Flow and Fill Your Cup

“Once there was a fisherman who spent lonely evenings in his seashore cottage wishing for a wife. One day, he heard frolicking by the shore and looked down to see a number of enchanting maidens dancing on the rocky beach. Their skin was smooth as silk, and their long hair shimmered in the setting sun. He thought he was daydreaming until the maidens spotted the fisherman approaching and screamed. They grabbed their sealskins and ran for the water. One by one they jumped into the waves. But before the last maiden could find her skin, the fisherman had absconded with it.”

“The maiden ran after the fisherman and begged him for her sealskin. The fisherman turned around and looked at her sympathetically, but he was not about to give up his chance to make the beautiful creature his wife. He tried to assuage her with sweet words of affection, promising to make her a happy wife. But the maiden was inconsolable. She continued to wail until the last rays of the evening sun sank into the dark, cold waters of the horizon.”

“After many tears had been shed with no effect, she resigned herself to her fate and married the fisherman; without the skin, she had no choice but to remain a land creature. They spent many relatively content years together and had two children. When she did have moments alone, she would steal down to the rocks by the beach and talk joyously with a seal by the shore. How she longed to be with her seal family; yet, she loved her land children and had grown fond of her seafaring husband. But over time, her once silk-smooth skin became wan and thin and her hair became unruly and lifeless. Despite her physical changes, the fisherman loved her with all of his heart and he tried to make her happy despite her yearnings to return to sea. She would beg her husband to relinquish the skin, but to no avail. He refused to let her go, for his love was a selfish one and he did not fully understand the extent of her anguish.”

“One day, one of her children found a strange bundle hidden in a shed. It looked like an animal hide. When the child held it close, he drew a deep breath and detected the scent of his mother. He brought it to her, thinking it would please her. When she saw the skin, her eyes grew wide and her face lit up as if someone had just given her the greatest gift in the world. she took the skin and embraced her offspring. She held them close for a long while, smelling the essence of their earthy hair. As much as she ached for her children, she still had a seal heart – and it was pulling her towards the ocean. Her sea-mammal instincts could not be ignored. Wiping away tears, she kissed her children goodbye and told them to stay in the cottage until their father came home.”

“The fisherman was just returning when he saw his wife perched on a cliff with the sealskin in hand. He cried out and tried to reach her, but it was too late. She changed into a seal and dove into the waves. There was seal waiting for her below, and the two animals were delighted to be reunited after so many years of separation. The sea revived her body but it did not wash her with complete peace. She turned around, and with a flipper she waved to her land family and spoke in a tongue foreign to their human ears. But in her language she promised she would one day visit. And she did, but only as a seal. She showed her husband where the best fish were and played near the shoreline with her human children. And when she returned to the seal coves, she played with her seal children and told them wonderful tales about their siblings on the land.”

“The seal wife sits between the solidity of the rock, her conscious reality, and the dreamy, flowing world of her true desires. She is torn between families and seeks solace by the shore. The seals are powerful influences, beckoning her to return. The seal wife’s clothing is embellished with accoutrements from the sea, keeping her connected to her origins. The stormy skies echo the changeability of the situation; some faces can be discerned in the clouds. The house in the background represents domesticity and her familial responsibilities.”

“The seal wife’s feelings flow mellifluously through the waters of the unconscious. If we learn to connect more with our innermost feelings, we may be able to sharpen our intuitive senses and psychic impulses. By harnessing these inner resources, we have the opportunity to strengthen our love and compassion for others.”

Today’s excerpt was taken from The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.


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