Spirit Message of the Day – The Blessing of Transformation

“It is imperative to rise above defeat, shed self-imposed restrictions and connect with a deeper part of your being. Growth can evolve from the ashes of a former life. Instead of remaining in a state of mourning, we have to learn to come to terms with the death of what we knew and embrace the prospect of transforming ourselves into a new configuration of being.”

“Beast is lying on the earth. Spirals from his hair merge with the tree roots, indicating a connection with nature. The grasses around the figure are symbols of his submission to the earth. But instead of it being the end, a new, transformative opportunity is revealed. The three red petals on Beast’s tunic signify life, death, and rebirth. The flower patterns on Beauty’s sleeve express profuse emotion, fecundity, and the outpouring of energy. The trees frame a dream and expose the power of visualization and spiritual awareness. The growing vines and blossoming roses denote the significant changes that are taking place.”

Today’s message is taken from a new book called The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. This excerpt is taken from the french fairy tale – Beauty and the Beast.


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