Spirit Message of the Day – As Above, So Below – As Within, As Without

“The Sorceress, also known as the High Priestess, can help you to become more connected with the rhythm of the cosmos. She is the female principle and reflects lunar mysteries. With her assistance, we can start acquiring an awareness of the greater forces that are at work in our lives.”

“The sparkling water represents the unconscious and the intuitive knowledge that is contained within. The vines on the dress serve as a bridge between ethereal visions and physical actualizations. Three lilies on the water symbolize life, fecundity, and new ideas. the roses are reminders of the deep-seated drives that facilitate our quest for knowledge. The trees on grass mounds connect the unconscious with higher consciousness. The blue necklace adoring the lake maiden unites her with the cosmos, and is indicative of the power of dreaming.”

“Ferns by the shore signify a conscious state and the implementation of new ideas. The gift of bread symbolizes the merging between the physical and the spirit worlds – the union of mortal man and divine entity. Legend has it that the sorceress bestowed her half mortal children with special healing powers, enabling them to become skillful physicians of great renown.”

Today’s message is from The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. To learn more about the story refer to the Welsh tale called The Lake Maiden.


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