Spirit Message of the Day – Wood Woman Wise Woman

Wood woman, wise woman, tall as the sky
Speak from your secret strength – say, who am I?

You are a woman, strong with women’s strength
A birch strength, flexible throughout your slender length
Deep-rooted in myth, yet still reaching up high
Each tiny twig seeking out the truth of the sky

Wood woman, wise woman, old as the air
Speak from your forest home – who will love and care?

A thousand friends across the world and in your home
You are not the sort of person who need fear being alone
Just trust yourself, love yourself, and don’t fear seeming weak
And in unexpected places you will find the love you seek.

Wood woman, wise woman, sensual as the earth
Speak from your curving thighs – say, will I give birth?

I cannot tell your future, and would not if I could
Only living in the present will let you be what you should
But see, even now you are fertile with creation
There are many things you can give the world without procreation

Wood woman, wise woman, vibrant as the flame
Speak from your heart-sap – tell me my name

Singer, dancer, writer, speaker, follower and leader
Show the world your true self, and learn how it needs her
Mother, daughter, friend and lover, challenger wise and true
All these people, and many more, are written deep in you

Wood woman, wise woman, you elemental one
Stay with me and guide me, until my journey’s done.

– Anonymous


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