Spirit Message of the Day – Focus, Direct Energy

“Long ago there was a boy named Wu who lived with his father and grandmother on a farm. Wu was a quiet child who would often walk to the garden gate and fall into daydreaming. One day, as he was gazing across the plain, an elegant youth in flowing yellow garments rode toward him on a brilliant white horse. As he dismounted in front of the gate, an Magician by Lisa Huntaccompanying servant held out an umbrella to shield the youth from the sun. ‘Wu, son of Yin, we are in need of rest. May we enter your father’s home?’ the youth asked.”

“Wu bowed and led the youth and his entourage through the courtyard. The visitor was greeted with refreshments and conversation. Wu sat quietly and watched as the youth and his father talked. After several hours, the visitor stood up and thanked Yin for his hospitality before returning to the gate. As the youth mounted his horse, he turned to Wu and said, ‘I will see you again soon.’ He then galloped away majestically into the haze of the setting sun.”

“Wu returned and saw a puzzled look on his father’s face. ‘How could that stranger have known my name?’ asked his father. ‘Wu, did you see anything out of the ordinary?’ ‘His clothes had no seams’ said Wu ‘and his horse had five spots and scaly skin. And the rider and his mount never touched the ground.’ Yin’s eyes grew wide, ‘We’ve been visited by spirits!’ ‘Yes father’ agreed Wu. ‘They galloped westward and rode up into large clouds gathering in the sky.'”

“Yin and Wu went to the wise Grandmother and told her what they saw. Grandmother nodded, ‘Ah yes, that was a dragon spirit. The youth wearing yellow is a great thunder dragon. Is there anything else you saw, Wu?’ Grandmother asked. ‘Yes, one of the servants held the umbrella upside down as he was leaving our garden.’ ‘This is a dragonshipgood sign’, said Grandmother assuredly, the dragon is to unleash a great storm, and perhaps we will be spared harm.’ Grandmother then retired to bed. Just then a great howl pierced through the thickening air. Yin and Wu decided to stay awake as an ominous gale whooshed nearby. The storm grew fiercer as rivers spilled over their banks and inundated the villages with lethal force.”

“‘We should have escaped to the safety of the mountain while we had the chance,’ lamented his father. Wu looked out the window and saw a dragon flying over their house. ‘Look father,’ Wu cried, ‘I see the dragon!’ As they peered up at the sky, they noticed that the torrential rain could be seen all around the perimeter of their farm, but none of the raindrops hit their roof. The dragon was protecting them with its great hood. At last, the storm subsided, and the villagers grieved their looses. The only home unscathed was that of the farmer Yin. The next day, the youth returned, only this time he didragon-artd not pass through the gate.”

“He plucked a scale from the horse’s neck and handed it to Wu. ‘I’ve returned as I said I would. Keep this scale, and do not forget me.’ Wu nodded and placed the scale in a wooden box and showed it to his grandmother. ‘It won’t be long until the emperor sends for you.’ she observed wisely. And Grandmother was right. Word of the miraculous events surrounding the devastating storm reached the ears of the emperor. Wu was accompanied to the palace by the emperor’s courtiers. There, he told the emperor of his exchanges with the yellow thunder dragon. He took out his wooden box, lifted the lid, and illuminated the room with the brilliant dragon scale. The emperor, feeling that the dragon had endowed the boy with special powers, designated him as the palace magician. As magician, the boy made accurate predictions for years and helped keep everyone safer in the kingdom. He lived a happy life and never forgot the youth-dragon who had given dragon-art-04him a special gift.”

“The contents of the golden box are the key to accessing hidden powers. The dragons in the air reflect mental strength and potentiality; they are knowledgeable creatures and can serve as guides and teachers. The luminescence sweeping out of the box mimics cosmic energy reminding us that the use of magic requires discipline and focus. The boy wears an orange shirt, representing fire and enthusiasm, both attributes that will serve him well on his quest for knowledge.”

“Start building your visionary powers as a means of influencing potential energies. You have the opportunity to start tapping into inner resources that will enable you to travel deeper into the realm of unconscious  mysteries.”

Today’s message is from The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.


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