Spirit Message of the Day – Commitment and Integration

“When this card appears it is addressing mating, partnership, union, incorporation, and integration. This card speaks of what unites and binds one thing to another. The card can also speak of matters of love, marriage, and close relationships in general.”

Handfasting by Mickie MuellerTEACHING
“Traditionally the rite of Handfasting is the Pagan equivalent of marriage. In some ancient cultures the couple agreed to be joined together for a limited amount of time (such as a year). At that time the union could be renewed if both members of the couple agreed. In other cultures the rite of Handfasting was intended to join a couple together until the end of their lives.”

“The Handfasting card depicts a couple with their hands fastened together with a cord. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers, which symbolizes thbeltanegrove Mickie Muellere blossoming of a new life. The groom holds an antler with oak leaves, which symbolize endurance and protection. Rings appear on the hands of the couple. The ring is the symbol of completion and unity. It is a token of the love that encircles the couple, and is a sign to the community of their commitment to one another as husband and wife.”

“You move down the well worn path and pass into a clearing in the woods. A wedding is taking place with much merriment. You pause to watch for a few moments. As you watch the couple standing together, you notice her flowers and his antler piece. The figures begin to shift and change into a fairy maiden and a powerful stag. The maiden is born from the flowers in the meadow, and the stag is born from the antler in the woods. These are the timeless figures of the Lady of the Fields and the Lord of the Woods.”

natures_embrace“As the vision continues, the red and white cord binds the maiden and the stag. It is a red, flowing river of ancestral blood giving new life to the white bone of the dry ravine. Here the souls of the ancestors are carried to the womb of the maiden, where they await rebirth. You hear the voices of the ancestral spirits coming your way from the cottage in the woods. You decide to move on, and the vision fades away. As you look back you see the bride and groom holding hands as the wedding continues.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Muller.


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