Spirit Message of the Day – Seek And Act With A Higher Nature

“When this card appears, it is a sign to be open and to ‘rise above’ and seek a higher nature. Doing so may require becoDrawing Down Moon by Mickie Muellerming a vessel to draw and contain what is needed to accomplish what you seek. It can also indicate the awakening or strengthening of oracle or psychic abilities. It is time for a higher vision with an expanded perspective.”

“In modern times, drawing down the moon refers to invoking the Goddess within the mind and body of the High Priestess. this is performed in a ritual circle on the night of the full moon. The High Priestess then serves as the vessel for the Goddess through which she may speak and interact with her followers. In the earliest mentions of the drawing the moon down from the sky we find the concept of using the moon’s light. Dew was collected from moss or lichen at dawn  on the morning following the night of the full moon. Ancient Roman writers such as Lucan refer to this magical substance as the foam of the moon.”

“The card dDrawing Down Moon 2 by Mickie Muellerepicts a High Priest kneeling in front of a High Priestess. He invokes the Moon Goddess into her body. In the background the Goddess is seen manifesting during the invocation. The High Priest wears a crown with antler tips, which denote his connection with the woodland God of the forest. The High Priestess wears a circlet bearing the symbols of the full moon, waxing moon, and waning moon. The circlet is a sign of her rapport and connection to the feminine divine.”

“The triangle figure of the priest’s hands represents the Triangle of Manifestation, which marks time, space, and energy. These are the three requirements for manifestation to take place. Traditionally, to assist the High Priestess with invoking the Goddess, the High Priest uses the ritual want to trace a triangle on her body” starting from the chest downwards. “This creates an inverted triangle into which the Goddess pours like water into a cup, taking on the shape of the container.”

“The Drawing Down the Moon card deals wmoon_goddessith the concept of the receptive vessel and the vehicle for channeling. This concept relates to the necessity of a material form through which a spirit being can operate within the material dimension. This is similar to possession, with the exception that possession can be involuntary or undesired, whereas the act of drawing down the moon is a willful and purposeful act of opening up to receive the emanation of divine consciousness.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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