Spirit Message of the Day – Life Vision and Growth Cycles

“The matter at hand relates to the divine feminine expression. It is the whole versus the parts vision of our perception. This card calls for us to payCrescent Crowned Goddess by Mickie Mueller attention to the concept rather than the details. It’s spiritual teaching is to ‘maintain the vision’. Here the card calls to us to not let details deter us from the ultimate goal. At the core of the reading this card focuses on things related to womanhood (birth, cycles of life, motherhood, sexuality, nurturing, etc). On a mystical level the card can also indicate messages/communication from the dead, and oracle forces/powers/abilities.”

“The traditional concept of the Goddess comes from the notion of an ancient Great MCrescent Selenaother figure. She contains a triformis nature within herself, which is reflected as the Maiden, Mother, and Crone (collectively known as the Crescent Crowned Goddess). These attributes connect with phases of the moon: waxing (maiden), full (mother), and waning (crone). As a lunar Goddess, she reveals the inner mysteries of the timeless cycles of life and death.”

“The card depicts the Crescent Crowned Goddess at the entrance to a cave, which represents the portal to the Underworld or Otherworld of myth and legend. Water trickles from the cave, symbolizing the mythical river of descent and ascent (that connects the Otherworld to the mortal world). The torch symbolizes the powCrescent Goddesser of the Moon Goddess to bring enlightenment to the places of darkness. The serpent coiled around her arm represents the power of transformation. It is the shedding of the old for the new, which allows movement and passage between the worlds.”

“The Goddess holds a spindle that represents the life patterns woven by the cycles over which the Goddess reigns. The cauldron is the womb gate, the receiver of life and the vessel of rebirth. In the card the Goddess wears one sandle, and her other foot is bare. This symbolizes that the Goddess walks in both the material and the spiritual realms. Her consciousness is conceptual and holistic.”

 “The Goddess wears a necklace of thirteen pearls, which represents the lunar cycles of the year. The triformis triangle that is suspended from the necklace represents manifestation. A lunar crescent crown adorns the headTriformis by Mickie Mueller of the Goddess, which symbolizes her divine essence contained in the light of the moon. Vervain blossoms decorate her hair, and represent her as the Queen of the Fairies.”

You are walking along a moonlit path of light. You see a glow in the distance, and you follow it to a cave. You notice a small cauldron at the opening of the cave. As you approach, a beautiful woman appears from inside the cave. She carries a torch in her left hand and a spindle in her right. A serpent is coiled around her left arm. You notice the crescent headband the woman is wearing, and her countenance emanates an awesome power at her command. It becomes immediately recognizable that this is a goddess who stands before you.”

“In this moment you see that the cave is the ancient rocky grotto, one of the earlier sites of goddess worship. The cauldron is the mystical womb of generation and regeneration, which is many legends is hidden in the Underworld. The flowing water is the river that conveys the souls that transition through life and death. Images flood your mind as you look at the spindle, torch, and serpent. Ancestral voices teach you of the serpent, a timeless guardian of the graiMoon Phasesn against rodents who threaten its storage. Here you see the serpent as the protector of the seed of new life.”

“The voices reveal that the torch is the sacred light of the night sky that brings enlightenment to the dark places. The spindle is the power of fate, which the Goddess wields over the lives of mortal kind.  You feel drawn to be with the Goddess, but she tells you that your journey has only begun. She directs you to walk up the path that leads to the light of the mortal world, for you must know the bright blessed day before you can embrace the dark sacred night. You turn and follow her instructions, knowing that in the end you shall return to her again.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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