Spirit Message of the Day – Nourish Your Spirit

Cakes and Wine by Mickie MuellerCAKES AND WINE
“When this card appears it is addressing the core issue of spiritual nourishment. It also speaks of the balance between feminine and masculine energy. Essentially this card focuses on spiritual results rather than religious practices. It is more about who you are than it is about what you do. This is a card of the inner self, the place where you connect and meet with the divine. The appearance of this card asks the questions ‘From where are you drawing nourishment for your soul?’ and ‘Where do you find your inner balance?'”

“Traditionally the ceremony of cakes and wine represents the sacred meal, which is the meeting place of the Divine Spark with the Divine Source. This joining together revitalizes the spirit or soul. The wine symbolizes the essence of thhot_cross_bunse Goddess, and the chalice is her womb. The cakes represent the substance of the God, and the cakes are his body. Initiates partake of the wine and cakes in a sacred rite of connecting with Goddess and God, spirit, and form. On a mystical level the rite of cakes and wine establishes the recognition of the soul’s relationship to deity.”

“The Cakes and Wine card depicts two candles, which represent the presence of divinity manifesting as Goddess (feminine) and God (masculine). The cakes and wine are the divine offering versus the mundane meal. Here the wine is the menstrual blood of the Goddess, the essence of the cycles of life. The cakes symbolize the body of the Harvest Lord, the seed-bearing vessel of life’s renewal. The cakes and wine appear set onHistoric Chalice a black cloth, which represents the ever-present potential of creation. Through the window the starry night reminds us of the great expanse to explore, knowing that we are never alone.”

“As you stand looking out the cottage window, you hear a noise behind you. You turn to find that the crone of the cottage has set something on the altar chest. It is a chalice filled with wine, along with a platter of bread made from wheat and barley. The crone directs you over to the objects. She explains that the wine is the vital essence of the Goddess, and the chalice is her womb. Then the crone describes the bread as the vital substance of the God, the essence of the sacred seed that is received by the earth. Next she recounts an ancient tale.”

“The croLisa Huntne’s tale is the recollection of an ancestral belief that the seed, while in the dark earth, is taught the mysteries of the Underworld. The sprout brings these teachings up from the earth when it rises. The plant contains them and preserves them as it matures from leaf to bud and flower. When the grain appears, the Fairies come and touch the ripened seed. Through this the teachings of the Otherworld are passed to the new seed. Here, in an endless cycle, the seed receives the mystical teachings of the worlds that are above and below.” As Above, So Below.

“The crone bids you to drink the wine and taste the bread. As you comply, the crone explains that the essence of the Goddess, and the substance of the God, will awaken the spark within you where the divine meets the soul. She smiles at you and says, ‘May you come to know that within you, which is of the eternal gods’.”

Today’s guidance is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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