Spirit Message of the Day – Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

greenery pentagramPENTAGRAM
“When this card appears it addresses matters of creativity and manifestation. The card reflects the ability to create in accord with mind, body, and spirit. Therefore the pentagram calls upon us to direct the manifestation of the things in our lives. the caution is to balance the accumulation of material gain with one’s spiritual values. This card asks the question: ‘How and what are your energies creating, balance or imbalance around you?'”

Pentagram by Mickie Mueller“The card calls to us to be aware of our resources and the tools we can use to achieve our goals. The appearance of the pentagram assures us that we have access to all the elements within and without. It is time for manifestation, expansion, transformation, and movement.”

“Among the most ancient of myths we find that before Creation the Universe was in Chaos, Divinity then entered into Chaos and drew the four elements of CreatioCelticPaganPentagramPaganArtPurp-1n into harmony. These elements are called earth, air, fire, and water. Traditionally the pentagram symbolizes the Divine Spirit presiding over the four creative elements. Spirit (the fifth element) provides equilibrium, which results in cohesion/manifestation as it directs the elemental process of creation. It is an ancient belief that one or more of the elemental natures are required in order to create anything on the material plane.”

“The card depicts the five pointed star being formed by the elemental natures. The flow of the elements can be seen against the full moon in the night sky. Here fire flows downward to its traditional symbolic placement at the lower right point. Leaves blow in the air, moving to the traditional assignmwiccan and crowent of air at the upper left point. Water flows across and to the right, meeting its traditional point of assignment on the upper right. An open furrow of fertile earth moves toward the lower left point of the star, which is the traditional assignment of earth. To complete the design, the essence of divine spirit flows upward to the top point of the star.”

“In the background of the card appears the night sky. This represents the procreative darkness from which all things issue forth. Here we find that the Universe supports the elemental process of creativity and manifestation.”

“You find yourself drifting up into the night sky, carried by a mystical vapor. Before you in the starry night sky the full moon emerges as the vaporous clouds dissolve away. You recall the ancient myth of Chaos existing before Creation, and of how the Divine Spirit then brought the four elements into harmony. You begin to feel a tingling sensation on your body, and you sense the presence of the fifth element of spirit. Your eyes seem to expand and a new clarity develops. It is as if you have never fully seen before. As you look at the full moon, the four elements of fire, air, water, and ewiccansettingarth stream across the face of the moon. Here amidst the stars, a pentagram forms.”

“You perceive that the moon is a portal to the astral realm where thoughts can manifest into things. It is the Divine Spark within (that which is of the eternal gods) that makes it possible to create, for you bear within you the spark of that which created the Universe. You realize that every material object is really an energy pattern held together in the cohesion of elemental earth. You see the interplay of the elemental forces within the inner mechanism of Nature. Here you see the elemental pattern of manifestation, expansion, transformation, and movement at work in the cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth. From below you hear the voice of the Crone of the cottage calling to you. You begin to feel heavy, and you sink back toward the earth beneath. You are returning now to the Crone who waits in the woods.”

Today’s guidance is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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