Spirit Message of the Day – Are You Willing To See The World Differently Forever?

Cauldron by Mickie MuellerCAULDRON
“Focus on potential and the generative and regenerative forces. The cauldron speaks of birthing (on any plane), beginnings of manifestation, and the brewing of essence. The cauldron can also address matters of rebirth and regenerative forces in general. It is the inner forces at work awaiting manifestation. When the cauldron appears in a reading it assures that something is stirring and bubbling, and is about to manifest or return.”

The cauldron is one of the oldest tools to appear in Western literature as something used for magcauldronical or mystical means. It often appears as a vessel that can renew life, restore lost youth, provide unending nourishment, and bestow enlightenment. In modern Paganism it is a symbol of the womb of the Goddess. The card depicts a tripod of branches that symbolize the triformis nature of manifestation, and the Goddess of Mysteries. The branches represent the sacred grove of the Goddess. The cauldron is suspended over the fire, which is symbolic of the Divine Source. The fire is the pure flame of transformation. Here it can be said to be the fire of Brighid or the flamekitchen5 of Vesta. Steam rises in a spiral from the cauldron, and represents the mystical process of the generative and regenerative womb of the Goddess. In the woods beneath the cauldron we see the symbolic union of divine fire generated from amidst the sacred grove of the Goddess.”

“It is late at night in the woods. You seek a place to sleep, and in the distance you see what appears to be a campfire. As you approach you come before a cauldron suspended over a fire. Something brews and bubbles from within the cauldron as steam rises and swirls. You take up a ladle by the cauldron and dip it, hoping to taste some soup to satisfy your hunger. Before you can touch it to your lips the voice of the Crone of the cottage calls out to you, ‘Would you drink from the womb of the Goddess kn34157avxszuuj0qowing that your eyes will never again see the world as you do now?'”

“You sit with the Crone and she tells you the ancient myths and legends of the cauldron from many different lands. She speaks of brews and potions, wisdom and folly. The crone recounts the lessons, riddles, and magic of the cauldron from many ages past. You find yourself quite taken with the tales, and you tell the Crone that you would drink the cauldron’s brew if it were offered. She replies that it will only give its magic to those who ask, but never to those who take. The Crone pours a ladle of the liquid from the cauldron into a cup and hands it to you. You consume the contents, and then sit looking at the fire. The cauldron continues to boil, as steam rises upward into swirling spirals. You feel yourself falling into a trance. A vision arises in your mind of nine sacred maidens tending the fire and the cauldron. The cauldron now has thirteen large pearls adorning the rim. The nine maidens begin to chant. Suddenly you are enveloped in the steam. It gathers all around you, and you feel yourself rising with it up into the night sky.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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