Spirit Message of the Day -Breathe Nature and Feel Cycles of Life

“When this card appears it addresses nurturing and geThe Mother by Mickie Muellernerative energies/experiences. It is a card of deep and devoted sharing and caring. The card can also indicate fruitfulness and a long term of tending what will grow.”

The Mother is one of the three major aspects of the Great Goddess. She is the ripe earth and the full moon. The Mother gives birth to all things in all worlds. She is the Lady of Animals and the Lady of the Fields, granting growth and abundance to all in Her realm. In ancient myths she is the Mother Earth from a half-forgotten age, who gives birth to the divine race and to all life in the mortal world. In the regions of the earth She is known bbready many names, in many cultures.”

“The card depicts a mother sitting beneath a tree. She reads to a small child who is resting in her lap. Off to one side we see bread and fruit. These aer symbols of the nourishment offered to the children of Mother Goddess. An old tree provides rest and shade. In the background a green hill swells and rises against a summer sky.”

“On a warm summer day you stroll up and over a green, herb-clad hill. Here you come upon a woman resting with her child beneath a shady tree. You being to speak but you find that no words can be spoken. As you look at the woman she seems to merge with the tree, the earth, and the hill behind her. You realize that this is the MoTriformis by Mickie Muellerther of all living things. You feel yourself being drawn toward her, and your eyes close as you fall into a deep sleep. In a moment you find yourself half awake, lying very still with the scent of woods and the green growing things all around you. It is in this moment that you realize you are the child lying in the Mother’s lap.”

“You listen to her reading to you, and in her words is the endless tale of birth, life, death, and renewal. She speaks to you of all the things you’ve done, and all the things you have yet to accomplish. She nourishes you with her words, and you realize that she is the source from which you were born. She is the womb to which you shall return at the ends of change.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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