Spirit Message of the Day – Reserve Judgement, Demonstrate Love, and Show Equality

” When this card appears the core issue at hand is one of ethics and integrity. This card calls to us to look at our beliefs and examine whether we adhere to them, or arThe Rede by Mickie Muellere we situational with our ethics? In essence this is a card of holding to our principles despite how we are treated by others. The Rede calls to us to forgo personal ego in exchange for maintaining the purity of our inner spirit. Self-examination of true intention is called for.”

“The axiom reflected in this card is: ‘As it harm none, do as you will’. The most popular interpretation of this modern axiom is essentially that as long as no one is harmed by your actions, then whatever you do is your own business. The caution is to not be fooled into believing that it is spiritually acceptable to harm others because of a personal feeling of¬†vengeance is justified. Such a position clearly violates the true spirit of the Rede. However, the intent of the Rede does allow for personal protection against any harmful attacks by others.”

“The card depicts a section of the Book of Shadows, which symbolizes the foundational, traditional, anBook of Shadows Rosed time-honored teachings. On one page a woman is pictured wearing a red blindfold. This symbolizes the need to be blind to anger, hate, and enflamed emotion. in her hands she holds a white sphere and a black sphere, which represent light and darkness. The woman appears in the middle of these two polarities, for that is where the truth can be found. This represents the need to discern through spiritual means in order to be balanced, impartial, objected, and unprejudiced.”

“the candle on the bookstand symbolizes the keeper of the flame, a reference to the role of the initiated. The quill pen and inkwell represent guardianship, the role of preserving and passing on the value of important and vital traditions. The rose border symbolizes the beauty of this teaching, along with the painful lesson of the thorns that awaits one who carelessly handles the Rede.”

“You stand before the open page of the Book of Shadows. You begin to study the words of the Rede. The script changes into letters you don’t readily recognize, and yet you somehow continue to read the text. On the right side of the page theRose with thorns picture of teh woman begins to stir to life. She lifts her head upwards and says, ‘You may not turn the page until you can discern without judgment, act without malice, and hear your foe as equally as you hear your friend’.”

“You feel despair at what now seems an impassable obstacle to further exploring the pages in this book. In resignation you reply, ‘I cannot do this’. The pages of the book shake slightly as the rose on the left page rises from the book. The woman speaks to you, ‘Close your eyes, pick the rose, and take it in your hand’.

“With your eyes closedy ou feel the stem of the rose and carefully slide your fingers along it so as not to be pricked by a thorn. You gently pinch the flower head of the rose and cup it in your palm. As you lift the rose to your nose, the sting of an unseen thorn pierces your thumb. You wipe away the blood with a kiss, and take in the fragrance of the rose. The woman speaks again, ‘When ou carefully moved along the thorny stem for the rose, you did not judge the thorn. When you took the rose it was with love. When you felt the thorn and smelled the rose you allowed them both to speak. You did not curse the thorn nor praise the rose. you may now turn the page.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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