Spirit Message of the Day – How is the Center of Your Being?

“When this card appears, it indicates that what is sought or desired is not found in the outside world but resides instead within the inner self. The card encourages intuitive feeling as a guide, and speaks of trusting our connection toCharge of Goddess by Mickie Mueller the divine. It is time for inner truth, introspection, and revelation.”

“The Charge of the Goddess addresses one of the great mystical truths, which states that fulfillment lies within the soul’s attainment and not within the achievements of the body or personality it inhabits. The teaching states that within us is the connection to the Source of All Things. Through an inward journey we can interface with the source and discern the way that is most beneficial for our spiritual education and evolution.”

“The inward journey includes an acceptance and appreciation of the divine spark within, for each of us is the offspring of that which created the Universe. One of the keys we need to embrace is the understanding that we must be an open vessel into which the Universe can pour the fulfillment of our needs and desires. The Umoon flowerniverse matches energy for energy. It is therefore vital to draw what you desire and avoid what you do not want in your life. The Universe is listening. What are your thoughts, feelings, and actions asking the Universe to send you?”

“The card depicts an open Book of Shadows that is turned to the page containing the mystery text of the Charge. The circlet of a High Priestess rests on the corner of the book. Around the border of the page appear moonflowers and the starry heavens, which represent the blossoming of divine enlightenment. The sacred text reveals the keys to unlock the inner mystery.”

“The Charge of the Goddess card speaks to us of the higher nature, which is the calling of the divine source to the spark that is its progeny. The memoonflower_full_bloomssage of this card is that we come as souls into material life with the inner awareness necessary for discernment. At the core of our being is the spark that was born from the source of creation itself. In order to unravel the mysteries, we need only interface with the source through the center of our being – for if we cannot feel the inner guidance, and sense the truth deep within us, then there is nothing in the external world that can truly lead us in ways that are valuable.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide to The Hidden Pathby Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with are by Mickie Mueller.


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