Spirit Message of the Day – Use Time, Space, and Energy to Manifest

“When this card appears it is a reminder that our actions aThe Law of Three by Mickie Muellernd words create energy. The Law of Three calls upon us to examine how we are conducting our personal affairs. What energy we are generating, and what is the state of our relationships, career, and general state of being? Know that what we experience in the cycles of our lives is often the return of the energy we have sent out into the world.”

“The axiom presented by this card is: ‘Every action affects us on three levels: mind, body, and spirit’. This is known as the Threefold Law, or sometimes as the Law of Return. Every action that we perform manifTriquertaests an emotion. Emotion causes a change in our body chemistry, and so this results in a physical change. This change influences the way we feel, which affects our spirit. Through one single act our mind, body, and spirit is affected.”

“The imagery of this card depicts a section in the Book of Shadows that represents a foundational and traditional teaching. The symbol popularly known as the Triquerta appears on one page. This represents the ‘power of three’ and the interconnection and interdependence of the three elements of manifestation: time, space, and energy.”

“The candle on the bookstand symbolizes the keeper of the flame, a reference to the role of the initiate. The quill pen and inkwell represent guardianship, the role of preserving and passing on the value of important and vital traditions. The bower vine on the border symbolizes the interconnections that draw the worlds together.”

“You stand before the Book of Shadows as its pages turn. They come to rest at the Law of Three. A voice bids you to take the quill, and the symbol on the page captures your fingers and holds your hand to the book. The candlelight expands and the brighBook of Shadows Rosetness almost obscures the sight of your hand. As you stand staring at the events unfolding, a voice utters, ‘You, and the teaching, and the book, and the spirit of the symbol are as one. You are the law and the law is you’. The book does not release you, and you sense your needed response: ‘This I accept with my mind, body, and spirit’. You had touched the quill, an act directed by mind and felt by body, and embraced by spirit. The light withdraws back into the candle flame. The symbol merges back into the page. Beneath it you see the words ‘So mote it be’ written out with your signature.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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