Spirit Message of the Day – Step Forward and Begin

“When this card appears it indicates that the matter at hand relates to self-discipline and personal commitment. This card speaks of doing the work instead of imagining, revising, and planning. The Eight Fold Path calls for action. There is lEight Fold Path by Mickie Muellerabor ahead but the fruits will be worth the toil. This card can also indicate a period of study and/or training.”

” The Eight Fold Path tenet addresses the traditional stages of training that result in mastery of the Arts. These are comprimised of: mental discipline, development of personal will power, proper use of sustances that create altered states of consciousness, personal power development, ritual knowledge/experience, psychic development/dream control, astral projection/mental projection, and sex magic. The Eight Fold Path represents time proven methods as opposed to the modern intuitive approach.”

“The card depicts a section in the Book of Shadows that symbolizes foundEightfold Picational/traditional teachings that have stood the test of time. An eight-pointed star is shown with an acorn bearing the infinity symbol. Here the meaning speaks of changelessness, for balance and quintessence have already been achieved. The candle symbolizes the keeper of the sacred flame of knowledge and wisdom. The quill pen and inkwell represent guardianship, preserving and passing on important and viable traditions. The oak leaves and acorns along the border symbolize the enduring cycle of Nature.”

“You stand before an open page in the Book of Shadows. Here you note the Eight Fold Path of Mastery. It seems burdensome and confining, and you feel a resistance. As you ponder the writings, the oak leaves and branches rise up out of the book. They speak to you of endurance, the strength of the oak wood that remains long after flesh has passed away. You hear the acorn speak of the small seed that grows into a mighty tree, which produces an abundance of seeds. But if the seed does not contain the prescribed inner structure it can never become an oak. The eight-pointed wheel on the page pushes up from the flat page. It tells you that its physical structure provides you with the means of using it, but that its open areas allow you to add your own intuition and experience. Here you realize that structure and intuition can go hand in hand. The spaces between the spokes are necessary, for without them there can be no spoked wheel. Allow structure to move the wheel, and then be the motion that gives purpose to structure.

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.   

Click here to read more about the Buddhist EightFold Path.


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