Spirit Message of the Day – Take Time for Renewal

“When this card appears its focus is upon vitality, growth cycles, renewal, healing, and fertility. It is also the card of initiating new beginnings, motivating, and drawing upon physicaThe Sun by Mickie Muellerl and mental energy.”

“Traditionally the sun represents the God aspect of Divinity. It is the divine essence of fertility that flows through agricultural Wheel of the Year, marked by stages at the equinox, solstice, and cross-quarter Sabbats. The sun symbolizes the mundane world as opposed to the spiritual world. Its energy is conscious, linear, and material. The sun has long been associated with the growth cycles of plant life and the migration of animal life. Its light energy brings vitality and intensifies the life force in all living things. The waxing and waning presence of the sun initiates the changes of the seasons. These periods are often personified by figures known as the Oak King and Holly King, or their older counterparts the Stag and Wsun-artolf.”

“The Sun card depicts a wooden pole mounted with a solar disc. The crossbars are decorated with the bounty of the harvest blessed by the rays of the sun. At the base of the pole is a circle of stones symbolizing the Wheel of the Year. Surrounding the stones is a ring of fall leaves, which represent the themes of death and renewal. This theme is part of the solar myths that relate to the Harvest Lord figure. Another important association of the sun is that of the Child of Promise who is the light bringer of the new year.”

“As you walk along the well worn path through the hills, you come upon a wooden pole mounted with a disk colored like the sun. This is the Sun Tree. You feel the energy of youthful spring and summer, and the vital force osun in windf growth and maturity. You see the bounty of Nature that is given through the joining of the sun and earth. Your attention is drawn to the circle of fall leaves at the base of the pole. You feel the energy of fall and winter, and the waning vitality of decline and barrenness. You see the withering of Nature’s bounty through the separation of the sun and earth. Suspended on the crossbars of the Sun Tree you see the seed-bearers, which must die so that new life can be born. This is the willing sacrifice, the surrender of life so that life may continue. The sun and the earth move as one in this ancient theme. Here you sense a divine force at work behind the mechanism of Nature, and you feel drawn to seek what lies over the rolling hills into which the path disappears.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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