Spirit Message of the Day – Find Your Primary Life Purpose

Sacred Grotto by Mickie MuellerSACRED GROTTO
“When this card appears, it indicates the closing of a rite of passage or personal journey, which now leads to a new cycle or chapter in ones life. It can also mean a return, but one in which the roles, conditions, and relationships have changed and must be honored. It is time for gateway, inner direction, and mystical vision.”

“The grotto is among the earliest sites of worship and veneration in ancient times. It is particularly associated with goddess worship and female mysteries. Fire was the primary symbol of the goddess at the grotto, and this evolved into such cults as that of Hestia or Vesta. The card depicts the opening of a cave with a lighted torch blazing inside. A primitive altar sits outside with conch shells, ancient symbols of the feminine in goddess worship.Water flows, forming a crossroads, for this is the mystical water of the moon flowing from the Underworld/Otherworld. Reeds, symbols of the god, arise in the marsh surroundings. This cave leads from the Otherworld back into the realm of mortal kind.”

“The Sacred Grotto card takes up the concept of divinity without personification. It is the pure and primal consciousness revealed in flame. The cave is the place of entering in, and it is the sanctuary. This theme conveys the ancient teachings of womb and transformation, and what flows from this principle.”

540401Woman-Meditating-on-Beach-Pos“The message of this card is to not lose sight of what is primal and primary behind the images (or thoughts) we create (about ourselves). We (need to)honor and venerate the principles (we carry) and not the forms (or thoughts we assign) that express them.” It’s easy to get lost in our thoughts or get carried away with fears, worries, or concerns all stemming from our thinking patterns. It is critical to get in touch with your primary purpose of honoring your self in the moment. Focus on the present. Feel and be who you are now – today. Do not concern yourself over yesterday or tomorrow. You’ve come to the cross roads once again. Your challenge? Your primary purpose is where you find yourself -right here and now.

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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