Spirit Message of the Day – Risk An Inward Journey

“When this card appears, a course of action is indicated. An important decision is at hand, and it is one that can reshape the future. When the reading is about choices or chances, this card assures us that the tools and keys are within reach to accomplish what needs to be done. It is time for a quest, journey, and chosen path.”

“The Sacred Bough appears in old myths and legends in both northern and southern ESacred Bough by Mickie Muellerurope. In the north it is often called the ‘Silver Bough’. It is often described as bearing apples, and the faery queen presents the silver bough to mortals. This assures safe passage to and from the Otherworld. In southern Europe the branch is known as the ‘Golden Bough’, taken from a sacred oak tree bearing mistletoe. A mystical woman known as a sybil gives the golden bough to mortals, and it ensures safe passage to and from the Underworld.”

“The card depicts a tree from whose branches are suspended the sacred silver and golden boughs. These are the choices or opportunities one can grasp. A key hangs upon the cord, representing that the way can be opened. The colored cord (red, black, white) symbolizes the presence of divinity where your roads of opportunity divide into two separate paths. At the base of the tree are offerings, reminding us to be mindful that something must be given in order for something else to be received.”

“The Sacred Bough card speaks to us of the inner journey. The connection in the card’s theme to female agents indicates the intuitive, psychic, and subconscious levels of communication. Through the imagery of the card we find that other dimensions exist outside of the constructed world in which we live our daily lives. We need only to risk the journey. The Sacred Bough assures us that death is not required for us to experience the reality of existence outside of the flesh. It demonstrates that we can depart and return through the directed will of our minds and hearts, which are the branch and the roots of our own inner sacred bough.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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