Spirit Message of the Day – Focus On What Is Happening Instead of Why

“When this card appears in a reading it addresses rising above our limited vision and percBroom by Mickie Muellereption. It calls upon us to look for connections in what appear to be mundane circumstances. The card calls to us to deal with what is happening instead of investing energy in understanding why. A broom is for sweeping, and why the floor is dirty is not the matter at hand. The need for the broom is rooted in the here and now. The broom calls to us to clean and clear away the debris in and around us. The broom suggestes that we tidy up our world, remove what no longer serves us, and banish the cobwebs that have collected due to our inaction.”

“The card can also address matters of integrity and authenticity. The card speaks about your personal code of honor, your word. What is it that drives you, and what personal stands do you take? The broom calls upon us to ‘stand up and fly rightwiccansetting‘. This is a card that asks us to look deep within and to seek our core essence. The mystical broom is our personal character; it is what carries us forward in life and community. Being true to oneself is what allows for magical flight.”

“According to oral tradition the ritual broom is made from the ash, birch, and willow trees. Ash provides the handle, birch is the sweep, and willow strips bind the sweep to the end of the handle. our ancestors venerated trees, which they saw as bridges between the three worlds: Overworld, Middleworld, and Underworld. The tree extended into the heavens, stood firm in the material realm, and penetrated deeply into the earth. Here the tree brought the mysteries of above and below within reach of the mortal world.”

“In ancient lore the ash tree is the foundation, the source that holds our world together. Birch has long been associated with night spirits and spirikitchen5ts of the dead. In folk magic, birch was used to ensure peace between the dead and the living. Willow is a tree that for countless centuries has been sacred to the goddess Hecate. Hecate reigns in the three realms known to our ancestors as the Overworld, Middleworld, and Underworld. The broom was once thought to possess the power to allow one to traverse these realms of existence as a worshipper of Hecate.”

“The card depicts the broom with the sweep end facing upwards. This represents the feminine or conceptual power of the broom. This power allows one to see beyond the parts and to look fully upon the whole. This reflects the idea that ‘what is happening’ is more important than ‘why it is happening’. Behind the broom we see a lake, which symbolizes the portal to and from the Underworld or Ancestral realm. This is the Otherworld that lies beyond the material plane of existence. In the distance, rising up and across the hillside, is the crossroads. Here it represents the journey beyond this world. The cave appears on the hillside, which is also seen in the Goddess card. Here it symbolizes the doorway into the Underworld realm of the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. The mystical lake is the water of the womb of rebirth through which souls pass between the worlds.”

“You wander down the path to the shore of a lake. In front of you there is a broom that someone seebroomms to have left behind. The handle has been pushed down into the soil, where the broom leans against a boulder. The sweep end of the broom is upright. As you look at the broom, the sound of the lake lapping the shore becomes mesmerizing. A magical mist forms on the lake and drifts toward you. You find yourself engulfed in it as a vision begins to form in your mind. You are taken back to an ancient time when the teachings of oak and boulder were those of the Nature people, for the first teachers were the spirits that dwelled in the fields, forests, rocks, and hills.”

“The mist begins to fade away now, and you see the lake reappearing, but where the broom had been there now stands a beautiful woman. She speaks to you, ‘I am the Lady of the Lake, what do you seek here in this sacred place?’ You look at her in wonderment, and hear yourself reply, ‘I wish to understand’. She smiles and points in the direction of the cottage in the woods ‘Then’ she answers, ‘You will need the key to unlock what the door yet opened shall reveal’.”

“The Lady of the Lake vanishes, and once again the broom appears before you. You begin to realize that the broom appears before you. you begin to realize that the broom is a symbol of the mysteries guarded by women since days of old. The lake is the doorway to the Otherworld. The broom and the Lady of the Lake stand at the threshold. You feel drawn to seek the key, and so you return up the path toward the cottage in the woods.”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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