Spirit Message of the Day – Embrace Upcoming Winds of Change

SUMMERLANDSummerland by Mickie Mueller
“When this card appears it means that change is going to happen, and it is not optional. The card speaks about moving on and leaving behind the old for the new. At its core this card is about transition and moving toward new enlightenment. New eyes will see in greater ways.”

“The Summerland is the traditional realm into which one passes after physical death. The old belief holds that here the soul rests and is prepared for rebirth. This is also said to be the abode of the ancestral spirit. hlavendar fields with cloudsere souls can meet with those who have come before in the distant past.” It is often seen as a place where we go to examine ones life in all aspects, our choices, our relationships with others, and to determine how next to proceed. It is a time to celebrate and reflect upon on successes and make right and account for all previous wrongs and make ammends to those you’ve hurt. It is a time to take action to resolve all experiences left unresolved before moving forward.

“The card depicts the Crone, who lived in the cottage, meeting beings from the Otherworld. she has crossed the bridge, which symbolizes crossing over from life to what lies beyond. Her staff has been left behind at the bridge for she is now free to walkwheat fields in higher ways. A mist forms around the spirit beings who come to greet and escort the Crone. In the background of the card appears the lake, an ancient symbol of the portal to and from the Underworld.”

“You seek the wisdom of the Crone who has been your teacher. The cottage lies up ahead and you hurry along the path. As you near the cottage you see the Crone in the meadow. An etheric mist swirls around her. Here in the mist she joyfully meets those who dwell in the Otherworld. You realize that she is leaving the mortal realm and beginning her journey to the land beyond.”

“The Crone waves at you with a warm smile. She winks at you, and then turns to take the hand of the being of light who is her escort. The mist of light grows so intensocean scenee that it obscures the scene that is taking place before you. It quickly fades away, and only the meadow remains. You make your way across the bridge and into the Crone’s cottage. The objects in the cottage seem somehow denser and there is a sense of lifelessness within the walls now. You wander from room to room, looking fondly at what the Crone has collected over the years.”

“Your wanderings bring you to the Crone’s writing desk, and you sit down to look over the old pages scattered on her desk. You stare fixedly at the writings that appear on the scroll, for it is your own handwriting. This is your diary, the record of your journey when you firstBook of Shadows Mickie Mueller came to the cottage. Here is your tale of the Crone who once taught you, and of another to whom you also passed the ways. It has been a long day of recollection. You look at your hands and they are weathered and aged, signs of a full and valuable life. You move to the window and in the meadow are the Shining Ones who have come to take you on your new adventure, and to restore your youthfulness for the journey ahead. You rush out across the bridge and into the meadow. Here you are enveloped in a fine etheric mist that swirls bout you. Across the field you can see your young initiate hurrying to the cottage. You wave and smile. Then, giving a wink to the initiate, you take the hand of the Shining One, for there are other worlds, and this one is now finished.”

Today’s guidances is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller. Photography by unknown artists.

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