Spirit Message of the Day – Be Brave, Step Forward Into the Unknown

“When this card appears, it indicates that the time has come to move on. The current situation must be released, as it is no longer visible. Look to and move toward new horizons. It is time for transition, journey, and crossing.”

“In ancient myth and legend there is a realm known by such names as Avalon, Tir Nan Og, the Elysian Fields, or Summerland. In pre-Christian European paganism such realms are referred to as the Otherworld (or Underworld). Here isOtherworld by Mickie Mueller the realm of the faery or elven race, a dimension existing outside of the material world. It is sometimes called the Eternal Land. The Otherworld is free of illness, disease, old age, and death. The card depicts a faery woman sailing into a mystical fog, which parts as three swans are directed ahead. Through the opening can be seen the white shores of the Otherworld, and on the island a castle rises atop the rocky cliff.”

“The Otherworld card speaks to us of hidden realms beyond the material senses. It is through this understanding that we arrive at the realization that we are spiritual beings moving through experiences in many dimensions. Physical life is the seed that becomes the blossom that eventually dies to become new seed (and therefore new life). It is only when we part the veil that we can see existence beyond the material experience. This is the liberation of knowing that physical death is not the end.”

Today’s message comes from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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