Spirit Message of the Day – Become Worthy of Other People’s Truth, Trust, and Integrity

“When this card appears, it indicates that ‘your word is your bond’, and its meaning is to keep your word and to be true and authentic to yourself. It is time for truth, trust, and integrity.”

“Oaths of initiation are common within any mystery tradition. Part of the traditional oath is to not reveal any of the practices of the system. The mandate is often to keep silent, and to not shareOath by Mickie Mueller any initiate teachings or materials with non-initiates of the specific system. This is typically marked by such words as ‘I swear this oath by the blood in my veins’ and ‘by my honor among my brothers and sisters of the art’. The card depicts a man with his hand over his face. The tips of his middle and index fingers are beneath his eyes, forming a V-shape. This gesture is known as ‘the witch’s honor’.”

“The Oath card reflects personal honor and loyalty. The oath is the token of the soul’s integrity, given in community. The oath is the testimony of the inner self. The value of the oath is not in it being sworn. Instead, its value lies in it being trusted by the people who receive it. This means that the oath can be relied upon because of the integrity of the person who swears the oath. The message of this card is to be worthy of such trust by others.” 

Today’s guidance is from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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