Spirit Message of the Day – Transform Your Spirit

“When this card appears, it indicates that very deep levels have opened. A process has begun that will take you through darkness and into enlightenment. Things are not as they appear to be, and your quest is to let the desire to know take you further down the road. The card can also mean to trust your visions and intuition. A magical and spiritual transformation is at hand.”

“Potent herbs that alter states of consciousness have a long tradition in the mystical arts.Chthonic Roots by Mickie Mueller They have been used to align the mind and spirit to the realities of other realms or dimensions. These dimensions are experienced as the Underworld or Otherworld, beyond the realm of mortal kind. Many ancient potions contain substances from such plants as the foxglove, aconite, henbane, hemlock, and belladonna (or nightshade). These deadly plants, prepared in precise portions have been used to bring one close to death so that they can pass easily into the realms beyond the world of mortal kind. The resulting visions and perceptions can be enlightening, and the power of oracle ability may also be achieved. However, without knowing the precise portions and ingredients, such plants are likely to cause death. (Do not experiment with any of these poisonous plants.)”

“The card depicts a hideaway area with an old well, which in ancient myths and legends is often depicted as an entryway into the Otherworld. A cloth is spread out upon the ground in front of the well. On the cloth are the harvested roots of a mandrake, datura, and aconite plant. A harvest sickle also lies on the cloth. foxglove-aqua-flower-essenceTraditionally, such roots are harvested at night when the moon is dark or full. Sunlight is to be avoided when working with chthonic herbs.”

“The Chthonic Roots card contains the concept of transformation through altered states of consciousness. The theme is one of roots within the dark places of procreation, and of still waters that run deep into the hidden realms below. The message of this card is that we must enter into the deep recesses of the mind and spirit in order to pierce the darkness and retrieve the hidden or lost light.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide to the Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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