Spirit Message of the Day – How Are You Walking Your Path?

“When this card appears in a reading it speaks of the meeting point between the divine and us. The altar is the center of alignment and the direct interface with the Divine Source. The appearance of this card asks the question: ‘What work are you Altar by Mickie Muellerdoing to develop yourself, where and what is your center, and how you connect to deity?’ How is your relationship with the divine manifesting in your life? The card calls upon us to look at what we consider holy and sacred, and then to look at our lives and evaluate how we are walking our path. Are you alone, or does deity accompany you? The appearance of this card also addresses balance in ones life. The altar is a mirror of the Divine Spark at the very heart of oneself (the altar within). Is your altar cared for, and what priority is being given to your spiritual life at this time?”

“The altar is the focal point where we come into union with the Divine Source of All Things. Traditionally the altar sits at the center of the ritual circle. Upon it the four primary ritual tools are placed: pentacle, wand, athame, and chalice. These tools are the interface mechanisms through which we communicate with beings and deities of other realms of existence. The tools are also symbols of the Moon_Altar_by_Mmilosalignment that help us understand our relationship with Nature.”

“The Altar card depicts the altar set with a black cloth. This represents the procreative darkness that is the regenerative womb from which all things become manifest. The chest represents the material world meeting with the spiritual or divine plane. The chest bears a lock fashioned like a pentagram, which symbolizes the guardian ship of the inner ways, and the elemental forces that bind energy to physical matter. Behind the altar is a window looking out into the dark night sky. This represents the portal between the material realm and what lies beyond. The starry sky is the Universal Consciousness that responds to our awareness of it. The altar is the beginning point, the place where we first call out to the deities and spirits that dwell in other worlds.”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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