Spirit Message of the Day – Summon Your Clarity of Vision

“When this card appears, it addresses a situation that is blocked or guarded. Special OakAshThorn by Mickie Muelleractions or attitudes are required in order to gain entrance or passage. It can shift your attention to what is guarded, secret, or hidden.”

“The oak, ash, and hawthorn trees are legendary guardians that bar the way onto the Otherworld. The oak and ash stand as the portals at the threshold. The hawthorn, with its sharp spikes, guards against easy access. Between the ash and the oak is the in-between place, which is neither in this world nor in the next. It is a place of magic, where anything is possible. The card depicts an ash tree and an oak tree. In the center of the card is a hawthorn tree, which is blocking the opening between the ask and oak. The upper branches of the ash and oak form an archway, suggesting the presence of a portal to another realm beyond. From this vantage point spirits watch all who approach.”

“The Oak, Ash, and Thorn card informFaerieDoor Mickie Muellers us that some things are kept from us until we prove ourselves worthy. Worthiness can take many forms, and the most important are ethics, maturity, integrity, compassion, and courage. In the mystery tradition, the seeker is often drawn into a situation wherein he or she is challenged. The way can be opened in such an encounter, or the seeker can become entangled in the process itself and become lost. this is reflected in folk tales where a person’s curiosity results in their being ‘faery led’ into a thicket. Clarity of vision, strength of purpose, and personal integrity are needed to pierce the mysteries.”

Today’s guidance comes from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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