Spirit Message of the Day – A Fresh Approach Is Needed

“When this card appears it addresses new energies. It is a card of new life, vitality, and youthful exuberance. The Maiden card is one of beginnings, fresh approaches, and limitless potential.”

“The Maiden is one of the three major aspects of the Great Goddess. She is the budding vegetation and newborn life. The Maiden renews and revitalizes. She symbolizes the season of spring when life has returned to the world following the barren winter. The Maiden is also reflected in the crescent moon during the waxiThe Maiden Mickie Muellerng phase. In the myths associated with the Great Goddess, the Maiden descends into the Underworld at the fall season and returns to the mortal world in the spring. The card depicts a young woman dressed in the purity of white. Her energy is boundless, and she dances in the green meadow as flower petals scatter all around her. Here we see the celebration of the return of the greenery, peaceful blue skies, and the promise of fullness to come.”

“It is a warm day as you walk in the countryside. Here you encounter a lovely young woman who seems to have appeared from nowhere. You greet her, but she does not speak. Instead she smiles and begins to dance. As she dances, from the ground springs forth a green velvet coat. She raises her arms and twirls the scarf as sweet-scented flower petals float on a soft breeze. A soft, herb-clad hill appears behind her in the distance.”

“Is this the enchanted fairy maiden of ancient myth and lore? Or have you encountered the Goddess of your ancestors who invites you now to join in the dance that brings past, present, and future together As you look at the Maiden, she transforms into the Wheel of the Year tree, and then back again into human form. The wreath from the Wheel scatters into flower petals, branches give way to become her arms, and the two roads at the well worn path now whirl about as her scarf. You are in the place of magic and enchantment where anything is possible. What will you ask of the Goddess, and what will you give in return? Perhaps it is enough to simply join her in the dance.”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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