Spirit Message of the Day – Challenge Your Spiritual Warrior to Receptivity

“When this card appears it is an indication that the issue is one of receptivity and mutability. This card can indicate a reminder to be receptiveThe Challice by Mickie Mueller to new forms and expressions. The chalice is the channel through which its counterpart (the energy of water) manifests it’s objective. In essence the chalice denotes the ebb and flow of the tides and cycles of life. It is the expression of the inner fullness, which is aware of itself. The card can also point to the welling up of emotional nature. The chalice teaches that we must freely give from our inner fullness, just as we freely receive withint our inner depth.”

“Traditionally the chalice is a ritual tool associated with the element of water. On a mystical level it is assigned to the west, which is traditionally the portal to the Otherworld or Underworld. The chalice is usually made of silver, and it is used to contain the ritual wine. Silver links the chalice to lunar influences, adn the tool itself represents the ‘Womb of the Goddess’. The chalice is used in the rite of cakes and wine, where it symbolically contains the essence540401Woman-Meditating-on-Beach-Pos of the Goddess. In some Pagan traditions this is sometimes called ‘The Great Rite’.  Here it represents the female genitalia in a symbolic rite of sexual union. The wand (or in some systems the athame) is dipped into the chalice to symbolize male and female union.”

“On the card the chalice is depicted nestled in a black cloth. Black is the presence of all colors aborbed into one place, and symbolizes the procreative energy of generation/regeneration. Here the chalice is cloaked and protected from outside influences. The chest symbolizes that the elemental nature is self-contained, and is not reliant upon other elements for its existence and function. The latch lock is fashioned in the form of a shell to represent the fertile ocean and the deep well of manifestation.”

“The Crone of the cottage sets a small chest before you. She opens it and presents a chalice to you from within the chest. The Crone instructs you that this is the helmet of the spiritual warrior. Here is the symbol of your compassion. You look upon the chalice and see the helmet’s visor. You realize that your foes cannot easily blind your eyes. If none can take away your ability to clearly perceive, then none can break your vision of the divine reflected back to you from the souls of others upon whom you look.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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