Spirit Message of the Day – Focus and Align to Find Direction

“When this card appears, it indicates a need to narrow your vision in order to discover what is at the core of what you seek. It can also mean that you will be guided toward what is needed in your journey or quest.”

“The ancient Hag Stone is a mysterious figure often appearing as a large standing stone with a hole through it. When peering SacredSite by Mickie Muellerthrough the opening, we see that the Hag Stone is aligned to focus on a particular site that holds religious or magical significance. It is very common for a Hag Stone to direct the vision towards a ‘faery path’, ‘ley line’, or a classic crossroads. The card depicts a standing Hag Stone with a ritual circle in sight through the hole. Behind the circle stands an old tree. This is a sacred place where magic and rituals have been performed beneath the full moon for countless centuries. Upon close examination the moss pattern on the Hag Stone resembles an eye, a mystical symbol of vision.”

“The Sacred Sight and Site card speaks to us of directed vision. This relates to both the internal and external. The material dimension exerts a great deal of energy upon the sensory elements of physical life. This can distract the soul from what it needs to seek out and experience while dwelling within a material body. In this regard the card reminds us that sign posts and directional aids are always there before us in the spiritual journey. We need only look with focused vision upon the goals we need to accept and achieve.”

Today’s message comes from A Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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